Evaluating the Next CCs to Apply For

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The end of Chase card churns is about two months away. That includes all personal and business versions of UR cards like the Ink, CSP, and Freedom, as well as co-branded cards like Hyatt, Southwest, and Marriott. This provides limited-time opportunities on the earning side.

All my friends and family should get the Chase card of their choice before the rule is implemented. I reviewed a couple members of the team to see what the strategy is. Most of them already have Chase cards, so my objective is to find the remaining cards that fit our strategy and shoe horn them in to affected accounts.

The Mrs has 9 hard inquires, but thankfully many which will go expire by later this year. However, that means she would not be eligible for the Freedom (since Chase implemented their 5/24 rule). She can take advantage of the Marriott + Hyatt instead. This could come at a cost to future SW RR Companion Pass strategy. I might keep her as a Chase account.

Furthermore, the Mrs’ mother can take advantage of the Freedom + Marriott card in one pull. If we do this, we can save the hard pulls for the Mrs. in hopes for the Companion Pass to cycle through again in early 2017 (but we need to prep now for that).

Interestingly, my father also only has 3 inquires on EQ, which I know Chase pulls from, even though he has at least 3 pulls just from Chase in the last two years. Perhaps they decided to go with EX this time. I would have to setup a Credit Sesame login to view that, so I did. Then I realized Credit Sesame switched six months ago from EX to TU, so I can’t see my EX score easily. I would have to get the annual free credit report to confirm.


After the Ink Plus on my mother, I can help the Mrs’ mother get the Freedom + Marriott cards (+ AU for Mrs’ father). I will save the Mrs. and my mother as low-maintenance Chase accounts while focusing heavier apps on other accounts. I still value the flexibility and earning potential of the UR points system, especially the ability to pool and combine points among AUs and spouses. My father will go for something else very soon.

After this round, my focus will be on redemptions, especially using Citi TY points.

Have you applied for any new cards lately?

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