Discover Q1 Promotion “Gas Station” Success

If you have the Discover It card, you will receive bonus cash back on certain rotating categories every quarter. The card is similar to the Chase Freedom card. Through the end of March, you will receive 5% cash back when you use the Discover card at gas stations.

7-Eleven codes as a gas station, so if you can find useful products there in addition to gas (at many 7-Eleven’s), you can easily maximize the cash back. Maximum is $1,500 spend.

I made a test purchase at 7-11 and sure enough, it categorizes as gas!

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 1.58.00 AM.png

If you maximize this promotion, you will receive $75 cash back. I recommend you allocate this into your travel budget for the year. If you haven’t started a travel budget, I highly recommend using earmark a portion of your savings for travel.

Have you taken advantage of this offer yet?


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