The best travel neck pillow and winners of the reader giveaway

I’ve experienced pinched nerves and a sore neck, even after a short flight, so about a year ago I started to research solutions. This post will introduce you to the best travel pillow I’ve found, that will help you rest comfortably and step off the plane refreshed.

After testing out all kinds of neck pillows from the cheap ones at the airport kiosks to a homemade bundle of a sweater using large rubber bands, I’ve found that the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow is the best.

The Pillow That Works

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

Oh Yeahhhhhhhhh

The differentiator of this pillow is the high support structure that keeps your neck aligned with its natural curvature. You don’t want to pinch nerves in any direction (front, back, or side), and the pillow cradles my head so that its weight is supported by the pillow, instead of all being distributed to the neck. The pillow comes up to the base of my skull in the back and supports my jaw line in the front. Furthermore, the ‘back’ of the pillow is thinner than the sides, so that it doesn’t push forward your neck like most cheap neck pillows do. This makes sense as most users rest against a seat, leaning back.

Say "no" to bad ergonomics.

Say “no” to bad ergonomics.

A unique feature is the ability to rotate the Cabeau 180 degrees so that the opening faces the back. There is a clasp that secures it to your neck, unlike many pillows, which can fall off. My wife likes to use this feature because it allows her to sleep with her headed tilted slightly forward. Some people may prefer to rest this way, and it may work better for their anatomy. Your mouth is closed in this position, so no flies, spiders, or unwanted calories get in.

The memory foam pillow comes with a compression stuff sack, and you can get it down to the size of a grapefruit. The high-density memory foam does weight in at 12 oz, but I find that this weight is negligible compared to the benefits of restful travel.

More than 1,600 people agree on Amazon that this pillow works, so if you are ready to rest comfortably and step off the plane refresh, buy the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow.

Winners of the Giveaway

Last week I announced a giveaway to thank my readers, which included a $30 Hyatt food and beverage credit, a $500 Chase new account bonus coupon, a $300 Chase business checking coupon, and a $10 Macy’s e-gift card.

The winners are: Pedro N., David L., Tracy M., and Lydia L.

Congratulations to these readers!

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2 thoughts on “The best travel neck pillow and winners of the reader giveaway

  1. stephen

    I trust your recommendation!
    I wondering what else we can use for neck pillow other than travel?
    Can I use it while I driving for example?

    1. Ivan

      Thanks for your comment and trust, Stephen!

      You can use it anywhere – taking a nap on a train, a bus, or as a passenger in a car.

      I would not recommend using it as a driver since it restricts the rotation of the head, which is needed when you check blind spots.

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