Progress to book flights to Finland: Intro

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I studied abroad in Finland many years ago and had quite the enlightening experience. The Finnish sauna was one of the locations of rejuvenation where at times, I almost visited every day. I’ve always wanted to take my wife there to share the culture and healing of the people and the land.

When planning for this trip, many desires popped up:

  1. Visit in the summertime (its very different in the winter).
  2. Visit host families (who I still keep in touch with).
  3. Stopover at another European city (since we are already in the neighborhood).

So I got to work planning the itinerary.

Season: Likely July/August period. Shooting for Aug since award inventory in July is tough. We have some flexibility in travel dates.

Duration: We want to take advantage of two weekends, so a 11-13 day journey seems ideal.  We can extend to two full weeks if the award availability exists.

Follow me on this multi-part series on planning award flights to Finland!