I have been a travel planning enthusiast for my entire life.

I remember studying the Motel 6 Hotel Directory when I was 10 and memorizing NorthWest Airline’s route map when I was 12. In adulthood, many of those passions were displaced by the hustle and bustle of daily life. Occasionally I would feel the rush of booking an award ticket, but my passion for logistics mostly lay dormant. I learned much more during my years frequently traveling for business, but I rarely had the time to enjoy the moments when I needed to produce a presentation from scratch on a 14-hour flight. Never the less, I learned so much along the way and have met some amazing people, so I’m giving back to the travel hacking community and sharing what I’ve learned – from trip reports to product reviews.

This site is about the art and science of traveling and travel planning.

Different from many travel blogs, its focus is on the traveling process (route planning, award searching, product research, mileage accumulation, and optimization) rather than on the destination. I started the blog to publicly document my experiences and learnings so that you can learn from them and travel better.

The joy comes with the pain, and I want to reveal that here. In doing so, I hope to reduce your pain and increase the joy. However, both are necessary to a good adventure, so be warned!

Are you ready to experience true travel? If so, read on.

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