Free $20 to spend at Target or CVS!

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I normally don’t post about non-travel related deals, but this one is so good/fast/easy, that the money saved can go towards travel, or you can spend this on items for your next vacation. Think in advanced!

Curbside is a mobile shopping app for your phone. You select the items you want to purchase and then the store lets you know when they are ready for pickup. You then pull up to the front of the store in your car and they delivery them to the curbside (there often is a big “Curbside” service sign that signifies where to pull up). This saves you time, parking woes, and most importantly potentially money from attach-rate incremental revenue. How many times have you bought more than you needed just because something on a shelf you walked by piqued your interest? Yep… only select the items you need on the app and then you won’t be distracted by store sales strategies. Have you noticed how often the highest margin products are shelved at eye-level? Ok enough on this.

The Curbside app isn’t only for Target (it includes CVS, BestBuy, and other stores), but Target and CVS are the biggest retailer currently participating. Most of the SF bay area stores participate in Curbside and you can view a full list of locations here.

And finally, here is the direct link to the offer. If you and your friend/family member/significant other sign up individually on you phones, that’s $40!

Fine Print

  • No minimum purchase, if your order is under $20 after tax it’ll be free. If it’s over $20 you just pay the difference
  • Limit one per household
  • First time customers only
  • $20 off discount not applicable towards perishable grocery purchases at this time
  • Valid until February 29th, 2016 (so hurry!)

Let me know what you plan to buy with your free $20!

Hat tip to Doctor of Credit