What Credit Cards to Use During the Holidays

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You probably have a large list of things do buy in November and December. Reading this post will help you optimize your earnings with each purchase.

‘Tis the season to give…especially when you can earn 5x or more!

The Chase Freedom is an excellent card to use for department stores, wholesale clubs, or drug stores.


I highly recommend the Chase Freedom card for its rotating categories. Until the end of December, you will earn 5 points per dollar at stores like Macy’s, Costco, and Walgreens. Those points can be redeemed for statement credit with a redemption equivalent of 5%, or you could get much more value out of those points if you transfer them to travel partners like United.

Read my previous post on maximizing points earned from the Freedom by redeeming with your Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Use the Discover It card at Amazon.

The Discover It Card gives you between 5% and 10% on Amazon, department stores, and Sam’s Club.

TWI Discover It

Why up to 10%? Because Discover doubles all the cashback you earned in your first cardmember year. I recommend using this card for all Amazon.com purchases, maximizing the cashback up to the $1,500 limit. That way, you can maximize your department store purchases with the Chase Freedom.

When shopping online, use portals.

I highly recommend Ebates. In fact, sign up using this link to get $10 upon your first purchase.

TWI ebates

Let’s say you want to buy something at Macy’s. Don’t go to Macy’s.com. Instead, go to Ebates.com and search for ‘Macy’s’. Once you click through their link, you will be earning straight cash back for all of your purchases at Macy’s.com. I’ve earned up to 20% cashback on purchases, but even the regular cashback of 2-4% is extra money in your pocket.

You get a rebate check (or Paypal transfer) at the end of each quarter. I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in rebates from Ebates since 2009 and I can attest to their legitimacy.

Best of all, this cashback stacks on top of the cashback you earn using your credit card!

In summary, stack online shopping portals with the right credit cards and you will greatly reduce the net cost of your holiday purchases.

Happy Black Friday Shopping!