Updating Global Entry Profile When You Renew Your Passport

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Global Entry is a fantastic government pre-clearance program for travelers. The program gives you TSA PreCheck for domestic travel and expedited immigration processing when you return from international travel.

The program only costs $20 per year ($100 for a 5 year membership) and has saved us countless hours of time and hassle when we travel, mostly from the shorter lines. Often times that has also meant the difference between catching and missing the flight.

We just renewed the Mrs’ passport so we needed to update her Global Entry profile with the new passport number. This will help ensure her continual membership and PreCheck access. She signed up for GE in 2014 and will have access until 2019. Thankfully, renewing the passport does not require a new GE membership, nor does it require her to re-interview. As an aside, does anyone have data points to show that PreCheck is no longer given for GE members whose passport has expired? 

The process is very simple. Once we got the new passport, we login to the GE website and on the left side click “Update Documents”. Click “Update” on the passport section and type in the new passport number and expiration date, and then you’re good to go!

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What has been your experience with Global Entry?